Tulsi Vagjiani

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]28 years ago, a different love story was beginning for me… it was a heart-breaking one but only I was able to piece it back together to turn it into a beautiful love story.
In a split second, everything had changed for me. I lost my world, the people who were my forever were now no more.

How do you comprehend that as a child aged 10? How do you accept that what you once knew no longer exists? How do you accept that you no longer look like the person you once were? Who do you turn to when your confidantes are nowhere to be seen?

These thoughts still overwhelm me that in a flash everything can change. Someone you love just leaves without a word or whisper, never to be touched again.

Yet today I don’t look back on the sadness nor grief I appreciate it as a journey that only I was supposed to travel on. I was supposed to create my own world filled with love, compassion and acceptance. I was supposed to challenge my own perceptions of beauty behind the scars.

This incredibly blessed journey has made me travel deep within my Soul to find peace, enlightenment and a deeper understanding of my very existence.
It has made me challenge my own negative emotions and thoughts and taught me how to be a positive empathic person.

I would not change any of my past if I had to do it again because only the privilege gets to walk this path and that I truly am.

Today I can say with sincerity that I love myself and everything that has challenged me has made me stronger and resilient, to know that I only ever want to feel liberation.
No cords or chains are holding me back from flying so high and with this I know my purpose was long written before my experiences.
I value and cherish that I can help others to overcome the toughest of challenges from a place of love.

Yes, today we celebrate Valentine’s Day and for some it’s another day and for others it’s a reminder to cherish those you love… but for me this is the greatest love story of all time; My story ❤

Thank you to my ethereal guides; Mum, Dad and my brother. I am here because you never lost faith in me. You paved my path with pure love and that’s all I ever will give.

I am love ❤

Love and light ❤🙏

Thank you to the Selfless man; Jesse Savani for pulling me out of the plane and all of the Savani family for your love and support always. From this I gained two new families; The Savani and Howell family.
Thinking of my family overseas who also mark today as one of celebration, but of a huge loss.

Molly please pass my love to Laura and Jen. Rena Howell I am sending you lots of healing love and hugs xxx[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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