Tulsi Vagjiani

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To all the incredible women who are pressing for progress, thank you.

So many of us are uniting to make a change in this world. From gender equality, to speaking up about sexual and domestic violence/abuse, to those campaigning to have all women heard…. there are so many things you can get involved with.

Thank you to those who have tirelessly campaigned to get a vote for women or to those fighting injustice, you are celebrated today and for always. Thank you for inspiring so many of us to fight and find our voice.

Let’s empower our younger generation to make better decisions so we can live in a world filled with justice and positivity.

To the women whose voices are not heard; we are campaigning for you too.

I am grateful to be surrounded by such strong, empowered and innovative women.

My inspiration and motivation is my 4 years young niece. She is incredible and inspires me to be a better person. Everyday I choose my words wisely so that she doesn’t have to be surrounded by negativity or hatred. Teaching her that there are no limitations to her thinking or achieving means she will be confident to make choices for herself so that she can serve herself and others from a place of love and kindness.

When the world says ‘you cannot do that’ she will be able to say ‘yes I can’.

Empower the younger generation to make better decisions and raise them to be confident from a place of love not arrogance.

Raise warriors not princesses

#togetherwecan #pressforprogess


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