Tulsi Vagjiani

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Last week I was a guest speaker at the Robert Clack school. I spoke in front of 250 year 11 students about my story and the work Changing Faces and about Face Equality.

I thoroughly enjoyed delivering the talk and the Q&A after the talk was an eye opener.

What strikes me about this school is one of the school’s core values; being a kind and compassionate person. This is something I live by daily.

What makes me so sad is the pressure young people feel about their image and measuring their self worth by the number of likes!

I have been there, seeking validation and making myself feel good with the number of likes. It felt so important that I was liked, however I still felt lonely inside. Until I didn’t work on myself and the self love journey started I couldn’t understand what it was like to be confident person. I wish I had guidance to be a strong confident person and what it was like to love yourself.

I do these talks because I am passionate about empowerment and self-confidence, because with both of these we can make better decisions for ourselves so that we can serve others without losing our own self values.

We need to encourage compassionate leaders who are CEO’s of their own lives to stand out and not blend in. Embrace our differences after all the world needs variety!

Thank you Ms Bhudia for organising such a great assembly not only giving me a platform for my story but the amazing young women who spoke about International Women’s day and how much more work there is for equality. All causes that are close to my heart and the work I do.

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