Tulsi Vagjiani

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Today, as a media champion for changing faces, I got to speak at a screening of the film ‘Wonder’. This was for a local school in Notting Hill who have read the book and wanted to know what it’s like for the boy in the book/film to live with a visible difference.

‘Wonder’ is about a young boy who has a disfigurement and how he copes once he starts school. It’s an incredible film which hits every emotion and is thoroughly entertaining as well as thought provoking.

Having been a child with scars, I forgot just how tough and isolating it was, so at times this film really made me acknowledge that it wasn’t easy growing up with scars particularly how others reacted when they saw me.

I shared a little bit of my story relating to how it feels to have a disfigurement and what to do when you meet someone who looks different. This ended with a short q&a about my story and the movie.
If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch this movie yet, please do check it out. It’s a great family film.


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