Tulsi Vagjiani

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The surprise was…. the honorary ‘Unsung Heroine’ award gifted to me 😱☺😍 WOW… totally overwhelmed as from just being a presenter of the awards I received my very own! This awards isn’t just about me.. it represents every woman that is fighting her own battle, for every woman doing all the amazing work but not getting their recognition, for those women who don’t have a voice yet but are closer to it, for those who fought long before I was born so I could vote today, for those women who share their painful stories but give us hope.. this is for all the incredible women I know and love, for those who came before me and for those who will continue to fight for equality and peace. Thank you for this amazing award and recognition. ❤🙏🏼#shareyourstory #empower #bethelight #upliftabsbuild #sheawards #globalambassador #survivor


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